Integrate LeadSquared with WhatsApp via Sinch India


Sinch India x LeadSquared integration helps you drive WhatsApp Communication with your Leads & Customers on LeadSquared CRM seamlessly.

In addition to broadcasting offers to your target audience, you can automate the notification of WhatsApp messages, and provide customer support through Live Chat.

Powered by Sinch India, this WhatsApp connector is super scalable and reliable for your conversations.


  • You must have a WhatsApp Business API account live on Sinch India to use this Integration. You can read more about it on https://www.aclmobile.com/whatsapp-business-solutions LeadSquared account.
  • Enterprise must have a Live LeadSquared account to connect with Sinch India WhatsApp.

How it works:

Sinch India developed an API to cater those customers who are using LeadSquared CRM and using Sinch India WhatsApp API to send messages to their customers.

Step 1: Search for and install “WhatsApp Business” App

  • Install “WhatsApp Business” from leadsquared app marketplace
  • After installation, Click on 'Configure' to setup WhatsApp account
  • Click on "Add Number"
  • Add your basic business details:

o Submit Basic Business Details including your Account Name & Lead Source.

o Here, the Account name could be anything e.g. Your Business Name.

  • After adding the above details, click on ‘Next’ button and select ‘Sinch India’ as the Service Provider and click on ‘Next’ button
  • Authenticate your Service Provider:
    Authenticate the details of your service provider by Enter the username and password shared to you by Sinch India.
    Client Base URL will remain same for everyone.
    Click on ‘Next’ button to proceed.
  • In "Converse Settings" page no action needed, just click on 'Next' button to proceed further.
  • Advanced Settings:
    In "Advanced Settings" page few more details are required to be filled.

Activity Mapping – This is a dropdown field you can select "WhatsApp Message". 

Default WhatsApp Number Fields – This is a dropdown field where multiple value are shown. You can select "mobile number or phone number" where WhatsApp messages will be sent. 

Default Country Code – Here India country code will be selected. 

Enable Rich Media Template Support – Enable this field. 

Compliance Type – Opt-Out or Opt-in select one option. 

WhatsApp Opt-Out – According to the above selection, a value will be selected from the drop down field. 

Now click on "Save & Close" button, after authentication configuration will be saved.

Ready to go live! 

Your next screen will show Connection 'enabled'. 

This means you've successfully connected your LeadSquared Account with Sinch India.

Step 2: Adding WhatsApp templates in LeadSquared.

  • To store WhatsApp template message in LeadSquared, go to LeadSquared Dashboard
  • Hover the cursor over Apps WhatsApp Templates.
  • Click ‘Add Template’
  • Add WhatsApp template details:

Add details of your WhatsApp template Message as submitted on Sinch India WhatsApp

  • Name - Name of your Template Message
  • Language - Language of your template Message
  • Namespace - You'll get the namespace from Sinch India Dashboard, or you can reach out to our support for the same at wacare-acl@sinch.com
  • Message Content - Copy-paste the Message Content along with parameters {{}}.
  • Variable Mapping - Map the variables with default values. E.g. {{1}} will be Name.
  • Media Type - Add this if the message contains Media like an Image/ video/ file.
  • Attachment Type - Select 'Static' in Attachment Type.
  • Media Link - Add the Media Link for your Image/ File/ Video.
  • Button template - If your Template Message includes Buttons, then add the name & destination link of the Template.
  • Available in Converse - Converse is the Live Chat in LeadSquared. Check this section if you want the Template Message to appear in Converse.
  • After filling in all the details, press Save.

Step 3: Setting up the webhook URL on Sinch India

  • After successful authentication, copy "Webhook URL" and send to Sinch India account manager for Inbound message configuration.

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