The technology behind Unread Messages

How do you go about making the world's first-ever chat documentary? Join us for an introduction to the wonderful world of conversational design and conversational AI!

Experience the first ever chat-documentary

Unread Messages shows the power of conversation in a divided world. Step into real-life text chats and experience the importance of having an honest conversation.

What does it mean to design a conversation?

Conversational design is key to making any chatbot experience feel immersive and real. But what is it exactly?

Meet our Conversation Designer, Tess Tettelin – she's got some answers for you!

Meet Tess Tettelin

Conversation Designer at Chatlayer by Sinch

The conversation design process

From understanding the tech to creating conversational flowcharts - conversation designers do it all! And with Chatlayer by Sinch, creating natural conversations has never been easier.




Know your tech

Understand your user

Define the scope

Omnichannel bots offer omni-possibilities. From WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, make sure to understand each channel’s unique strengths and limitations.

In order to design a bot that feels real, you need to make it personal. Who will be engaging with your bot? Know what the user wants and needs to create a truly personal conversation.

Having a clear understanding of your bot scope is an important stage of conversation design – possibly the most important one. Define what your bot can do and can't do, before you start building.




Create your intents and expressions

Craft the happy path

Find your edge cases

The "happy path" is the best possible journey that a user can take with your chatbot. Create a visual flowchart to see what this path would look like from start to finish, and where a user might — or has to — dive into other paths.

Of course, users won’t always stay on the happy path. Find out how a user might get off track, and create the appropriate flows for how your bot will deal with the situation.

Time to train the NLP. Intent refers to the goal the customer has in mind when typing in a question or comment. An expression is one of the ways a user can phrase their intent.




Script the dialogs

Time for testing

Publish the bot

Now that the bot can understand the user, it’s time to write what it will reply. Pay attention to bot personality and keep it short, but sweet.

Testing your bot before publishing is crucial. Get feedback from a focus group, or do some usability testing directly on the Chatlayer platform.

Just press the button. It’s as easy as pie with Chatlayer!


Monitor and optimize

After publishing, make sure to keep monitoring your bot’s performance. Check the conversations, collect user data, and keep improving your bot for an even better experience!

Explore the tech behind Conversational AI

Conversational AI allows chatbots and voice assistants to interact with humans in a natural way. As Director of Engineering, Machine Learning, and AI, Pieter helps figure out what users really value and how Sinch can help them solve their problems.

Meet Pieter

CTO, Chatlayer

Article by Tess Tettelin, 2 june 2021 • 7 min read


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